Read FAQ's before to contact us for the same!

When do you discount your collection ? Can i have a promo code ?

Sorry, we do not discount or do any sales. We spend lots of efforts to bring you top quality products at reasonable prices.

And over all, wetsuits are NEVER discounted.

You’re all out of this item! When are you gonna make more?
Probably never! We make our product in highly limited quantities. That means once something sells out we never make it again. Don't sleep to catch your favourite items

Can I get some free stickers?
No, but you can buy some in our Online Shop.

Can you tell me who your screenprinter is? Can you put me in touch with the people who make your wetsuits and/or hats?
Sorry a magician never reveal his secrets so we can not give out their contact information.

I want to work for SEN NO SEN. How do I apply for a job/internship?
We apologize, but we are not accepting any applications for jobs or internships at this time.

Would you be interested in exchanging banners?

Sponsor me! I’m an awesome surfer, musician, artist, i really love SNS and could really help to promote brand.
We’re sure you’re amazing, but we already have bunch of amazing ambassadors. And please, start buying our Sen No Sen items instead of these cheap companies you suck all day long. Now if you do cool things and already push the brand through your social networks or an original project, why not!

I’m working on a research project for a class. Can you fill out this questionnaire
No. We sucked at doing our own homework, we're done with school.

I have a store/distribution company. I wanted to know how I could stock SEN NO SEN in my shop/distribution?
Why not! We always look at working with people driven by passion. Keep in mind we certainly have the best products but as indy company we won't have the best deals: cash payments, no deposit, Email us. Please include the following information in your request: minimum of 5 store photos, shop address, and buyer contact information. If you do not include the requested information, you will not receive a response.

We have something that would allow to improve your business
Don't forget, we are the seller. Please, don't loose your time trying to sell us websites, SEO, avdertisement in a magazine we don't read ouselves... you won't receive any answer.