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We design and make premium eco-friendly wetsuits.

- Handmade in a small workshop where people have great skills on custom wetsuits.

- We use the best material on earth: LIMESTONE NEOPRENE

Created by a Japanese company, "limestone" neoprene is made from limestone and not from petro-chimical. Eco Friendly and more functional than classic neoprene:
- light and dry fast
- warmer
- water impermeable
- better durabilty

- We offer the best price as our business model is focus on direct sales through our e-store and very limited distribution through premium surf shops. A limited distribution allow us to cut lots of costs and offer premium products at affordable prices.

- Custom wetsuit & private labet programm (feel free to contact us)

Many surfers choose to wear SEN NO SEN wetsuits:
Maxime Huscenot, Jeremy Massiere, Charly Martin, Jeremy Arnoux, Arnaud Mestellan, Paul-Cézart Distinguin, Andre Botha, Josh Garner...
We're very proud of it.